How long does it take to complete an envelope order?
I require at least 2-4 weeks from the time I receive your envelopes to complete an order. 4 weeks is always preferable!

What if I need my envelopes sooner than 2 weeks?
I can work with that! Anything needed in less than 2 weeks can be done, but I do charge a rush fee for that order. A rush fee is an additional 30% of your order total.

How do I drop off my envelopes and receive them once they are complete?
We can arrange to have your envelopes dropped off and picked up at my home in Shaker Heights. Or, sometimes I am willing to meet a client at their planner's office or another location. Contact me and we can figure that out together!


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What happens if I need to change a guest's address after I have already provided the guest list and addresses to you?
Please make sure to thoroughly check your list before you provide it to me. I am not responsible for catching typos or errors on your list as I don't know your guests and I never want to make assumptions. I will address the envelopes exactly how your final list indicates. If you need to update a guest's name after you have provided the list, I charge a do-over fee which is $2.00/envelope.

I need to add more guests to my envelope order--what do I do?

As a recent bride, I know that a guest list goes through many rounds! If you need additional envelopes done, let me know and I will add them to your final payment at the amount per envelope in your proposal.

guest lists & addresses

Can you match ink colors to my invitations?
Yep! It's best to have a physical copy of your invitation so I can match as closely as possible. Custom colors are $3.50/envelope. More info on pricing here.

Do your different styles of calligraphy cost different amounts?
No, all of my styles are the same price point which depends on the ink you select.

Can you copy a calligraphy style or font that I like?
No. I don't offer any calligraphy that copies or replicates another artists' work or a font. You can check out my styles here.

calligraphy styles

Do you provide envelopes?
I certainly can! If you need envelopes purchased, let me know and I can provide suggestions on vendors I always recommend or can include that in your quote.

Do you require additional envelopes?
Yep! Mistakes happen, so I ask that you provide 20% additional envelopes to your order to cover any mistakes or if you add additional envelopes to your order.

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How do I book you for calligraphy services?
Send me an email at and let me know what you are interested in. From there, I’ll get you set up in my client management platform and you can view my proposal, sign a contract, and make payments directly through there.

How do I make payments?
Everything is managed through Honeybook! Through this platform, you’ll get automated emails about payment reminders.

Placing an order